Las Paletas
     Introducing a photo series of our lovely employees posing w/ their favorite paleta.. photographed by our own @juliahembreephotos! #peopleandpops #julia+grapefruit
   Friends collaborating !! Today we are at the @12southfrmsmkt with @juicenashville and "Friends of Sevier Park" #12south
 Today!!! @laspaletasnashville and @landtrusttn thank you for your participation #saveland #landtrusttn  Get your "happy" and "mojo" juice frozen this Tuesday at the 12th south farmers market!! Collaborating with our friends from @juicenashville and @12southfrmsmkt to benefit our neighbors of Friends of Seviere Park #12south  Corn paletas are back! Enjoy this limited summer treat. #laspaletasnashville #12south
 Visit us this Wednesday and support The Land Trust for Tennessee . Las Paletas will be donating a % of the day's sale!! #protectland #landtrusttn #lovelocalfarms #supportTNbeauty  Natalie and her favorite paleta, chai! Photo by @juliahembreephotos #peopleandpops
 Flores ! Thank you @humbleflowersinthebend
 All done before it melts with this heat! Paletas, great frozen treat for a hot summer day #laspaletasnashville #12south  Our lovely Irma and her favorite paleta, avocado. Photo by @juliahembreephotos #peopleandpops
 Good day to celebrate Public Art in Nashville! We'll be at the Public Art Dedication at Edmondson Park handling paletas! Starts at 3:00 pm #laspaletasnashville #nashvillepublicart  Summer harvest!! Flowers from our friends @humbleflowers , basil from our friends @nashvillefood project and from Las Paletas "basil Paleta"!! #laspaletasnashville #12south

Hours & Location

  • Tuesday - Saturday: 11 am – 8 pm
  • Sunday - Monday: 11 am – 6 pm


Norma & Irma PazSisters Norma and Irma Paz grew up in Mexico eating paletas, a frozen treat similar to an ice pop, made with fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. ”Each flavor tastes like what it actually is because it is made with the actual ingredient,” Irma explains.

In 2001 they opened “Las Paletas” in the 12 South neighborhood in Nashville, with the desire to share part of their culture. “We wanted to showcase the very diverse Mexican cuisine as part of our culture, a culture that prides itself on making food from scratch for our loved ones,” Irma recalls. Norma adds,”I wanted to explore my entrepreneurial spirit and have the flexibility to be a mom while starting and growing a new business”. They launched their adventure by Irma learning the art of Paleta making from a paletero (Paleta maker) in a small town in western Mexico where the knowledge is passed on from generation to generation, while Norma handled everything needed to start the business back in Nashville.

Nashville and the 12 South community have embraced Las Paletas as their own, melding diversity and creativity with the traditional Mexican treat. We invite you to walk into Las Paletas with a spirit of adventure, to create your own experience and become part of what Norma and Irma call the “Las Paletas family.”

Our PaletasPaletas

Made in our store’s kitchen, Las Paletas offers “cream” paletas that have the texture of an ice cream bar and “fruit” paletas that have the texture of a traditional ice pop. Using fresh, ripe fruit, vegetables and other ingredients including grains, nuts, flowers and herbs from community gardens, we offer 20 or more flavors each day. You will find traditional Mexican flavors (such as lime, tamarind, pineapple with chili peppers, hibiscus, avocado, “hot” chocolate with chili peppers, and mexican caramel) next to flavors suggested by our customers (e.g. peanut butter, chocolate banana, chocolate with chocolate chips) and seasonal flavors (e.g. pumpkin,corn, basil, lime with mint). There truly is something for every palate. As Irma proudly says, “When you come through our doors, you will find a wide range of flavors from sweet, tart or spicy, to fruity and nutty … and all are made with the same special care”.